Breast Augmentation


A small breast is defined as a breast insufficiently developed in proportion to the patient’s chest. It can exist from puberty or appear later: commonly after a major weight loss, after breast-feeding, or hormonal problems.

The breast can become small or can be small and ptotic (that is sagging of the breasts associated with skin stretching and a lowered areola)

These changes are often a source of physical and psychological distress for the patient who feels she lacks femininity, with also a lack of self-confidence and poor self-image. 

We offer three  type of augmentations:

  1. Silicone implants only
  2. No implants: in this case your own fatty tissue will only be used (call lipomodeling or fat graft: the fat is taken from another part of your body and re-injected in the breast)
  3. Composite: your own fatty tissue and a smaller silicone implants  

There isn’t one technique which fits every patient. It is only after an accurate clinical examination and the evaluation of your chest, quality of the skin, amount of breast tissue present that Mr Bonomi will be able to tell you which is the best technique to achieve your desired result.

Pre-operative consultation 

At the first consultation (between 30 to 45 minutes), Mr Bonomi will evaluate your aspiration and he will examine you to explain the techniques and which one will be the best for you to achieve your desired result if possible. A preoperative picture will be taken. A real simulation will be done with silicone implant and you are invited to bring with you the desire bra size you would like to achieve. Not every desire can be achievable and you will be guided when making the choice of the new bust size. At home you can do the “rice test” to have some idea of what you will look like. Place some uncooked rice (250 cc equal 2 cup size) in a freezer bag and insert this in an unpadded bra. This will not show you the shape you will achieve but a good idea of the size.

If you are happy to proceed, a second consultation free of charge will be booked to discuss surgery and to sign the consent form. Mr Bonomi always recommends that you undergo surgery without any doubts and if any extra consultations are needed will be free of charge.

It is important to know that symmetry doesn’t exist in nature and can be present after the operation.

Smoking reduces the blood flow to every organ including breasts and increases the risk of complications such as bleeding, infection and nipple necrosis. Smoking is also detrimental for the fat graft procedure as it can cause up to 80% of reabsorption of the fat injected. If you are a smoker we will suggest that you stop smoking 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after surgery if you want to reduce the risk of complications.


The incisions can be in the fold beneath the breast or around the areola. The implant can be placed in front of the muscle if there is enough breast to cover it completely or partially under the muscle and under the gland if the amount of your breast is not enough to cover it all. You will have the opportunity to speak with Mr Bonomi about pro and cons of both the techniques.

If your own fatty tissue is used as well he will perform liposuction of the area that you desire and the fat will be washed and reinjected in your breast to increase the volume.

All operations have risks and benefits. The possible complications following breast augmentation surgery depend on many factors such as the patient’s characteristics and the type of operation. You will have the possibility to discuss this with Mr Bonomi during the consultation.

Breast Implants

There are 3 different types of implants

Pure silicone, silicone and saline and saline only. You will have the possibility of discussing with Mr Bonomi which one is the breast to use although the most popular one is the pure silicone implant.

Some implants are round and other shaped. Either can give excellent results if the selection is performed taking into account your desire and the characteristic of your chest.

The implants that Mr Bonomi uses are from a company called Sebbin and they have a lifetime warranty for rupture and capsule contracture.

Post-operative instructions

There will be no need for the removal of stitches as Mr Bonomi uses intradermic reabsorbable ones.

You will have to keep the wound dry for a week until we see you in clinic, avoiding bathing for 8 weeks.

You must wear a specific bra 24 hours a day for the first two months.

You will need to plan time off work so that you can relax and recover at home.

You should avoid exercise for 8 weeks.

You will have free of charge follow up consultations at one week after surgery, 2 months and at one year. If more consultations are necessary they will be free of charge.