Breast Deformities

Breast Deformities

Perfect symmetry does not exist in nature but sometimes the difference in size between the breasts can be as such that surgery is the only way to improve the appearance.

Breast deformities can occur during the development, due to illness or an injury. In some cases, due to the deformity, the reconstructive surgery may be covered by insurance.

Tuberous breast deformity: tuberous breast is a congenital breast abnormality,  where the breast fails to develop fully due to the presence of fibrotic tissue. The herniation of the breast gland through the fibrotic tissue gives the tuberous appearance.

Breast asymmetry:  as a real congenital deformity, it can occur when the breasts are significantly different in size from one another. There may be a larger saggy breast, while the smaller one is more pointed.

In these difficult situations a combination of breast augmentation or breast reduction and fat graft may be necessary to improve the appearance.