Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Some women have breasts that are not proportionate to their body frame.

Although it can be challenging to define which is the right breast size, as women have different views of what is a desirable size or shape, large breasts can certainly cause neck ache and back ache or they can have a shape which can impair self-confidence.

In these cases, the up lift and reduction can be the solution.

Pre-operative consultation

At the first consultation, it is pivotal to identify what you dislike about your breasts and ascertain your expectations.

Mr Bonomi will show you his results and you are encouraged to ask for it.

The benefits and risks of this procedure will be discussed.

If you are happy to proceed, a second consultation free of charge will be booked to discuss surgery and to sign the consent form. Mr Bonomi always recommends that you undergo surgery without any doubts and if extra consultations are necessary these will be free of charge.

It is important to know before surgery that it is impossible to guarantee the exact desired breast size, although you will have an idea of the amount of tissue that will be removed and scars will be discussed.

Smoking reduces the blood flow to every organ including breasts and increases the risk of complications such as bleeding, infection and nipple necrosis. So if you are a smoker we will suggest that you stop smoking 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after surgery if you want to reduce the risk of complications


It is not possible to have an uplift and reduction without scars because during the operation part of the breast tissue is removed along with the skin in order to reduce the volume. Often the diameter of the areola is reduced to be proportionate to the new breast volume and the nipple and areola are repositioned in the centre of the breast.

There are different types of incisions that can be discussed during the consultation.

All operations have risks and benefits. The possible complications following breast reduction surgery depend on many factors such as the patient’s characteristics and the type of operation. You will have the possibility to discuss this with Mr Bonomi during the consultation.

Postoperative Instructions

There will be no need for the removal of stitches as intradermic re-absorbable ones are used.

You will have to keep the wound dry for a week until we see you in clinic and you should avoid bathing for 8 weeks.

You must wear a specific bra 24 hours a day for the first two months. 

You will need to plan time off work so that you can relax and recover at home.

You should avoid exercise for 8 weeks.

You will have free of charge follow up consultations at one week after surgery, 2 months and at one year. If more consultations are necessary they will be free of charge.